Monday, 26 January 2009

Transition Dip

I haven't wrote on this blog since October (as u can see!!). I find I haven't got time to do this as well as everything else in my life lately, however, I now feel like i should.
I think I may be going through a transition dip at the minute, since before Christmas everything going downhill, a lot going on at home. I feel now like I need to pull my finger out and get on with it and catch up before I fail this course!!


Jen said...

Poor JL - we all feel like this sometimes. You are NOT going to fail this course.... like you's just a dip. Take time, refocus and if you need me (even just for a inspirational chat) call me....mail me....grab me....anytime hon xx Jen

lin armstrong said...

no way -failure is not a word. Need a good f work use first.....know all will be good and we will sit together to do it when transitions and life happens. Go girl!

Brian Melling said...

No way Just caught up with your dip
Always seems worse in January and February Still snowing 4inches since dawn Giving me time to catch up and keep in touch Keep smiling